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Eco-Agriculture Systems

Hitachi Zosen Corporation is expanding into the eco-agriculture sector, using its experience and expertise in environmental technology acquired over many years of involvement in the design, development and operation of urban waste incinerator facilities.
The term eco-agriculture refers to environmental conservation in agricultural, forestry and marine industries, and comprises four key areas:

  1. Resource reuse and recycling
  2. Environmental rehabilitation
  3. Energy
  4. Waste

Primary industry in Japan is facing an important turning point, in the face of increasing global competition and the rising age of workers in the agricultural, forestry and marine industries. Technology is the key to the future, and Hitachi Zosen has identified environmental solutions in these industries as a new growth area.

Extracting phosphorus from pig manure carbide

Eco-agriculture solutions (including those currently in development)

  1. Resource reuse and recycling
    • Turning seaweed into livestock feed (adding value to seaweed that obstructs shipping lanes)
  2. Environmental rehabilitation
    • Soil contamination studies
  3. Energy
    • Turning biomass into fertilizer (small-scale distributed systems for remote islands and in regional areas)
  4. Waste
    • Extracting usable resources from livestock waste

Achievements to date

  • Cleaned up soil contaminated with dioxins at Sakai Clean Center Higashi Incineration Plant.
  • Conducted a study of sources of organic arsenic pollution in groundwater at Kamisu (Ibaraki prefecture) and recommended a treatment regime for excavated contaminated soil. The treatment regime was adopted by the Ministry of the Environment.
  • Usable resources recovery system featured in the FY2010 Research and development projects for application in promoting new policy of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

Extracting usable resources from pig manure
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