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Material Recycling Systems

The high-efficiency system crushes and sorts through general municipal waste, including oversize items and recyclable materials.
Based on extensive experience with recycling systems, and utilizing our unique crushing machines, Hitachi Zosen is able to tailor system specifications to suit client requirements.

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1. Hitachi Zosen has developed a range of crushing machines capable of reducing all different types of waste to particles of the optimum size for sorting and recycling.

Uniaxial crushing machine

This is a cube cutter uniaxial crushing machine suitable for finely crushing flammable resources ranging from soft plastic sheets to wooden waste products. Wear-resistant cutter blades are used to crush material to the desired particle size according to the selected size of screen mesh.

Biaxial crushing machine

This is a low-speed rotary biaxial crushing machine suitable for crushing various materials such as flammable garbage and large, bulky garbage. The machine has wear-resistant cutter blades and can be used to precondition materials prior to crushing in a high-speed rotary machine in a crushing sorting facility; thus helping to prevent against explosion.

Horizontal-rotation crushing machine

This is a lateral-axis swing-hammer high-speed rotary crushing machine that was developed as a crushing machine for handling bulky garbage. There are eight types ranging in size from small to large. The machine has a record crushing capability of 900 tons per 19 hours. By adopting a rotor and a flywheel bath with high inertia, fluctuation in the crushing load is minimized to enable stable crushing.

Vertical-rotation crushing machine

This is a vertical-ring grinder high-speed rotary crushing machine for crushing bulky waste items, and has been rapidly adopted by many facilities in recent years. The granulation effect of the ring grinder results in the bulk specific gravity of crushed metals being two to three times higher than those crushed by a horizontal-rotation crushing machine; thus eliminating the need for a metal pressing machine.

Shearing crushing machine

We have a long history of delivering the shearing crushing machine, which was developed as a preconditioning machine for flammable and nonflammable bulky garbage. This machine is suitable for handling large items of flammable bulky garbage (especially fabric products and tatami).

2. Hitachi Zosen has developed various systems for sorting through crushed waste for recycling.

Specific gravity sorting machine

The specific gravity sorting machine uses a combination of wind force and vibration to sort bottles from a mixture of materials of various bulk specific gravities. It can be used as a screening machine to remove flammables from nonflammables in a crushing sorting facility and is helpful for extending the lifetime of a final treatment facility.

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