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Tokyo Gate Bridge - A new attraction of Tokyo

Tokyo Gate Bridge opened in February 2012, connecting the Outer Central Breakwater Reclamation Area off the Port of Tokyo and the Wakasu island of Koto Ward. Its resemblance to two dinosaurs facing off has earned it the nickname "Dinosaur Bridge."
The structure that commands a view of the port and metropolitan areas is drawing attention as a new attraction of Tokyo alongside Tokyo Sky Tree.

Photo courtesy of the Bureau of Port and Harbor, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Structure: Continuous truss-box composite bridge
Length: 2,618m / Weight: approx. 36,000t / Height: 87.8m

The truss design was adopted due to restrictions in under-deck clearance, so as to allow ships to pass, and in overhead height, so as not to interfere with traffic to the nearby Haneda Airport.

Hitachi Zosen Sakai Works assembled large blocks of the bridge on land, towed them to the Port of Tokyo, and fitted them in place on three dates: May 16 and 30, 2010, and February 27, 2011.

Tokyo Gate Bridge incorporates the latest bridge construction technologies.

It uses solar power generation and LED lighting to reduce CO2 emissions.
Earthquake protection
Sliding seismic isolation bearings
Weight reduction
BHS steel with high strength and weldability
Life expansion
Newly developed steel deck slabs with high fatigue durability

Major projects

Hitachi Zosen's history in bridge construction dates back to our founding over a century ago. We have a track record of more than 2,500 projects in Japan and abroad, starting with the Honshu-Shikoku Bridge and countless others that supported Japan's postwar economic boom. Here we introduce the different types of structure we have built, including the truss bridge.

Stonecutters Bridge
(Hong Kong / Length: 1,596m)

One of the world's longest cable-stayed composite bridges, connecting Tsing Yi Island and the Kowloon area

Akaishi Kaikyo Bridge
(Hyogo, Japan / Length 3,911m)

Suspension bridge with the world's longest central span (1,991m), connecting Akashi City and Awaji Island

Hiroshima Airport Ohashi
(Hiroshima, Japan / Length: 500m)

Japan's longest arch bridge with the arch straddling 380m across the valley of the Nuta River, forming part of the Hiroshima Center Flight Road

Yumemai Bridge (Osaka, Japan / Length: 410m [swinging section])

The world's first floating swing bridge (the structure floats on the waterway and swings open to allow large ships to pass)