Hitachi Zosen Supplies 100% Renewable Energy to Itami City for its City Hall Main Government Building and Water and Sewerage Bureau Government Building

Aug 31, 2021

Hitachi Zosen Corporation will supply 100% renewable energy to the main government building of the city hall and the water and sewage bureau government building of Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture from September 2021.
Itami City has been promoting the renewable energy and energy conservation to realize a carbon-free society. As part of those efforts, it will switch the power at the above buildings to 100% renewable energy. Itami is the first city in Hyogo Prefecture that will switch the power used at the city hall main government building to 100% renewable energy. It is expected to reduce greenhouse gases from the two facilities by 712 tons in total, which is equivalent to about 3% of the greenhouse gases emitted from the whole public facilities in Itami City.

About Hitachi Zosen's retail power sale business:
Our Group has delivered approximately 1,000 waste treatment plants, mainly in Europe and Asia, a world-class track record. In 2015, we entered the retail power sale business with renewable energy, and thereafter have supplied renewable energy power to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, the Kunitachi City Hall Main Government Building, and the Osaka Prefectural Government Building.
Our retail power sale business procures about 75% of power from Energy-from-Waste plants including renewable energy, by which we realize lower CO2 emission and supply abundant and stable renewable energy without being affected by the weather. *
By providing renewable energy widely, we will continue to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted at the United Nations Summit.

  • *Emission factor for FY2019: Actual emission factor 0.137kg-CO2 / kWh, Adjusted emission factor 0.195kg-CO2 / kWh
Facility Itami City Hall Main
Government Building
Itami City Water and Sewerage
Bureau Government Building
Annual power supply
2,026,150 kWh 213,790 kWh
Annual greenhouse gas
reduction amount
about 644t-CO2 about 68t-CO2
Supply period September 2021 to
December 2022
September 2021 to
September 2024
Contract amount 38,108,020 yen
(tax included)
10,468,476 yen
(tax included)