Received an order for Energy-from-Waste plant for Taiwan.

Aug 03, 2021

Hitachi Zosen Corporation has recently received an order for the main equipment of Energy-from-Waste (EfW) plant (stoker type incinerator: 350t/day x 1 line, power generation output: 14MW) from FengYu Resources Co., Ltd. (FengYu Resources), which is engaged in the waste cleaning business in Taiwan.
It is planed to construct a new EfW plant at the Changhua Akihama Industrial Park (Changhua county) for FengYu Resources' wastes treatment project including incineration and operation including electricity sales. The project will dispose of industrial wastes such as wood, paper and plastics discharged from nearby factories of semiconductor and panel, and spinning industries, as well as some local household wastes.
Our Company undertakes the design and supply of the main facilities for EfW plants including fire grates, boilers, power generation equipment, etc., as well as the supervision during installation and equipment operation.

In Taiwan, EfW plants were constructed mainly in the late 1980s and 2000s, and currently 24 public and private facilities are in operation. Our Company has delivered five EfW plants in Taiwan since we received our first order (1,800 tons/day (450 tons/day × 4 lines) with a power output of 48 MW) at Taipei City in 1993, which is still the largest EfW plant in Taiwan.
In Taiwan, an increasing demand of reconstruction and/or long-life construction of the facilities is expected in the future, for which we will actively contribute to the sanitary treatment and power generation from wastes in Taiwan by leveraging our achievement.

The outline of the project

  1. 1Client: FengYu Resources Co., Ltd.. (Changhua county)
  2. 2Construction site: Changhua Akihama Industrial Park (Changhua county)
  3. 3Capacity: Stoker-type incinerator (350 t/day × 1 line, power generation output: 14 MW)
    • *Our scope includes the design and supply of fire grates, boilers, and power generation equipement, and the dispatch of SVs during installation and test operations.
  4. 4Completion: June 2024