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Mar 10, 2015

Technical Collaboration with IDEOL SA for Floating Offshore Wind Power Generation

Hitachi Zosen Corporation and IDEOL SA (hereafter, “IDEOL”), a French venture company which owns technology for floating platform structures used in offshore wind power generation, have recently signed a technical collaboration agreement for technical collaboration related to floating wind power generation.

This will allow Hitachi Zosen to design and construct in Japan floating platform structures using the “Damping Pool®” developed and patented by IDEOL to control movement due to waves in floating offshore wind power generation facilities for shallow waters (usually no more than 100 m). Both companies hope to actively work on spreading large-scale offshore wind power generation through technological development that draws on the expertise of both companies.

Hitachi Zosen has high levels of expertise in the design and construction of floating structures such as the Yumemai Bridge (completed in 2000), which is the world’s first floating swing bridge, and GPS buoys that measure tsunamis off the coast in real time, and has been involved in the development of floating offshore wind power generation since 2004.

This year we are also starting studies on a seabed-fixed offshore wind power generation project at Iwafune, Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture.

【IDEOL’s Damping Pool® floating structure】    【Signing the Agreement】 


      L. Bruno Geschier, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, IDEOL
      R. Tadashi Shibayama, Executive Officer, General Manager,
      Environmental Systems & Plant Sales Division,
      Environment, Energy & Plant Headquarters, and Director,
      Offshore Wind Power Business Promotion Department,
      Hitachi Zosen

IDEOL, a fast-growing French start-up, was created in 2010 with the aim of developing both technically AND economically viable floating foundation solutions for the offshore wind industry. IDEOL has patented an innovative, scalable and extremely competitive floating platform and mooring system, useable with all types and sizes of market leading wind turbines. Its particularly cost-competitive solution allows for the development of projects without any water depth or soil constraints on sites benefiting from the best available wind resources.