News Release 2017

Dec 13, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen's Eucommia Elastomer for Golf Ball Material--First Application in Sports Equipment
Dec 11, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen to Construct Hitz Advanced Information Technology Center--Strengthening Remote Monitoring and Operational Support Functions, Establishing a Base for IoT and Big Data Analytics
Nov 27, 2017
RELEASE Announcement of Change in the Executive Officer at Group Company
Nov 21, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Completes Joetsu Clean Center
Oct 30, 2017
RELEASE First Order Received for a Seabed-Mounted Flap-Gate Type Seawall
Oct 16, 2017
RELEASE Swiss Technology On The Rise In China China's first Kompogas® plant to be built in world's largest city
Oct 02, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Completes Construction of Suginami Incineration Plant for Clean Authority of Tokyo--Set to Undertake Big Data Analytics for Technology Development
Sep 28, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Releases Imaging Foreign Substance Separation Equipment for Cut Vegetables--Imaging System for Foods with a Moisture Content
Sep 26, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Receives Order for Construction and Operation of New Wide-Area Waste Treatment Facility for Kasumidai Welfare Facilities Association
Sep 20, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen's AQSEV Membrane Filter Models with Long Membrane Modules Receive JWRC Certification of Water Treatment Equipment
Sep 15, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Inova to Build Istanbul's First Energy from Waste Plant
Aug 30, 2017
RELEASE Kompogas® Digesters for Greece's First Biogas Plant
Aug 01, 2017
RELEASE Establishment and Start of Operations for Thai Local Subsidiary
Jul 19, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Receives Order for Extension Work on EfW Plant in Changshu City, Jiangsu, China
Jul 11, 2017
RELEASE Kewaunee Power Station Dry Fuel Storage Campaign Sets New Records Using NAC's MAGNASTOR® Systems
Jul 06, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Wins JSCE's Tanaka Award--Highest Honor in the Field of Bridges and Steel Structures
Jun 27, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Expands Electron Beam Irradiation Technology to Sterilization and Modification Applications
Jun 26, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Group Company Natural Energy Japan Completes Akita Biogas Power Station
May 22, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Receives Order for Marine Diesel Engine Equipped with SCR System -First for Ship Newly Built in Japan Compliant with Tier III NOx Emission Standards-
May 19, 2017
RELEASE Tunnel Boring Machine "Bertha" Successfully Completed SR 99 Tunnel Project in Seattle
May 15, 2017
RELEASE France: HZI BioMethan Concludes Contracts for an Additional Four Projects
May 11, 2017
RELEASE New Medium-term Management Plan "Change & Growth" and Long-term "Hitz 2030 Vision"
May 09, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Receives Order for Marine SCR System -First from South Korean Company-
May 08, 2017
RELEASE MAGNASTOR Performance Reaches New Heights with Record Setting 100th System Deployment
Apr 13, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Receives Order for Hydraulic Gate and Penstock for Laos--First Japanese Company to Build Cofferdam in a Dam Redevelopment Project Abroad
Apr 12, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Organizes Fundraiser to Support Reconstruction of Cultural Properties Damaged by the Kumamoto Earthquake
Apr 11, 2017
RELEASE Repairs Completed to Core Equipment at East Environment Center for Ariake Wide-Area Administrative Affairs Union
Apr 10, 2017
RELEASE Delivery of a Hydrogen Generation System for Fuel Cell Forklifts
Apr 04, 2017
RELEASE Initial Feed-In for Project Brie
Apr 03, 2017
RELEASE FY2017 Initiation Ceremony Address from the President (Outline)
Mar 29, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Inova's Technology Energizes City of Poznan
Mar 28, 2017
RELEASE Fund Raising by Subordinated Loan
Mar 27, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Delivers Land-Mounted Movable Flap-Gate Seawall for MLIT Shikoku Regional Development Bureau
Mar 24, 2017
RELEASE Start of Kompogas business in the U.S.
Mar 08, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Receives Order for Upgrading Work on Odawara City Energy-from-Waste Plant
Mar 03, 2017
RELEASE Announcement of Change in Representative Directors
Mar 01, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Inova to build Scandinavia's first Kompogas® plant -E.ON Biofor Sverige AB places order with Swiss firm for construction of a large dry anaerobic digestion plant.-
Feb 23, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Ships First Amazake Filling System Equipped with New Nozzle
Feb 14, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Receives First Order for Marine SCR System Compliant with Tier III NOx Emission Standards
Feb 10, 2017
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen's Panel Boiler-type Waste Heat Recovery and Power Generation System for Small Waste Incineration Plant Wins JMF President's Award at 37th Energy-efficient Machinery Awards
Feb 09, 2017
RELEASE HORIBA and Hitachi Zosen Jointly Operate Business to Improve River Pollution in Myanmar Water Quality Monitoring Equipment is Introduced to Wastewater Treatment Facilities under Model Project of Japan's Ministry of the Environment Verification Test Start
Feb 08, 2017
RELEASE Hitz Disaster Prevention Solution Laboratory Counts 3,000 Visitors