Sep 20, 2017

Hitachi Zosen's AQSEV Membrane Filter Models with Long Membrane Modules Receive JWRC Certification of Water Treatment Equipment

Hitachi Zosen Corporation has received a Certification of Water Treatment Equipment from the Japan Water Research Center (JWRC) for its AQSEV Membrane Filter water treatment system with long membrane modules.

JWRC provides Certification of Water Treatment Equipment for equipment and materials used in water treatment facilities with the objective of promoting research and development as well as widespread adoption of water treatment technologies.
In 2015, Hitachi Zosen received certification for two compact models with a processing capacity of up to 400 cubic meters per day (AMF-180S and AMF-275S). The latest certification is for three models equipped with long membrane modules, with a processing capacity of more than 400 cubic meters per day (AMF-600S, AMF-1000S, and AMF-1600), covering Hitachi Zosen’s lineup that meets an expanded range of needs.

■Major specifications of AQSEV Membrane Filter models with long membrane modules

 1. Model   AMF-600S  AMF-1000S  AMF-1600
 2. Water treatment capacity (maximum)  870㎥/day  1,450㎥/day  2,320㎥/day
 3. External measurements




 4. Weight

 Product wt2.3t
 Operating wt2.85t

 Product wt3.2t
 Operating wt4.2t

 Product wt5.8t
 Operating wt6.5t

 5. Membrane module type External pressure hollow fiber MF membrane 
 6. Membrane material Chlorine resistant polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) 
 7. Membrane area

   6 modules)




AQSEV写真 - コピー (300x281).jpg
AQSEV Membrane Filter
Left: AMF-180S (compact model) / Right: AMF-1000S (model with long membrane modules)

AQSEV Membrane Filter is employed in and outside Japan as a membrane filtration system in water treatment facilities, and as a source of emergency water supply in disaster-afflicted areas, contributing to water safety and security around the world.

■Outline of AQSEV Membrane Filter
Conventional membrane filtration systems use piping to connect the membrane modules with other equipment and various water tanks, thus requiring a large installation space and on-site assembly. AQSEV Membrane Filter reduces piping to a minimum and integrates all equipment into a compact body for space savings. The system is shipped from the factory as a finished product, eliminating the need for on-site assembly, reducing installation time, and improving product quality.
AQSEV is suitable for installation in water treatment facilities, and owing to its compact body, also ideal for mounting on trucks and transporting to the water supply base of disaster-afflicted areas for emergency water treatment. The system runs on an automated program that performs membrane filtration and cleaning, and in the event of membrane fracture, shuts down only the affected membrane while allowing operation to continue. Remote monitoring and control is a standard feature, enabling appropriate operation control.

■Major applications
In October 2016, AQSEV was delivered to support water supply services in the town of Shikaoi in Kato-gun, Hokkaido, where portions of the tap drinking water supply were impaired due to heavy damage in the wake of Typhoon Lionrock.