Apr 03, 2017

FY2017 Initiation Ceremony Address from the President (Outline)

Congratulations on your first day at work. Today I extend a heartfelt welcome to 199 new members of our workforce at Hitachi Zosen.

With your joining our team at Hitachi Zosen, each of you made a fresh start as working adults. I hope you discover the joy of earning a living and always be thankful to your family as you take on your day-to-day tasks.


To mark our first steps into FY2017, I delivered an address to our officers and employees. In it, I pointed out that our greatest challenge is to strengthen our profitability. By all means, go about your work with the intention of making money. The company needs to make money to pay your salary and invest in research and development activities and human resources. To this end, you need to keep your sights high at all times and set ambitious goals. Persevere with tasks assigned to you, be open about undertaking new tasks, and picture what you can do to achieve your division’s management targets. Hitachi Zosen must engage in new businesses in order to stay alive, and new businesses require capital. The best way to expand our projects in progress in Thailand, Vietnam, and India is to earn profits and continue to make investments.


The first line of Hitachi Zosen’s standards of business behavior reads, “Boldly taking on challenges.” Cherish this line, follow its advice, and take on challenges in new areas of work. Our founder, E.H. Hunter, came from Northern Ireland. As a foreigner in Japan, he launched nearly 20 new businesses. Many were firsts in this country, and the largest of them was Zosen, or shipbuilding, operations. Hunter’s challenger spirit lives on in Hitachi Zosen to this day.


At Hitachi Zosen we promote diversity as a management objective—diversity of personnel and of work styles. You, too, are encouraged to create your own work-life balance. The first line of Hitachi Zosen’s attitude to work reads, “enrichment of the job satisfaction of employees.” Note, however, that no one can do this for you. It’s up to you to find an approach to work that feels comfortable for you.

A celebrated Japanese industrialist once said that the key to a company’s success is people. Hitachi Zosen is expanding into foreign markets and needs people who can communicate in English. Artificial intelligence is playing a greater and greater role in business. We also incorporate AI into our business, and in future expect it to perform 70% of the work done by humans now.


In the first five years of your joining the company, I ask you to acquire the job skills necessary to function as professionals anywhere in the world.

Your goal over the next five years is to pour all your energies into the tasks assigned to you, gain experience, cultivate your talent in both depth and breadth, and grow into reliable, full-fledged  members of your division.


In the five years after that, I ask that you become a business person that AI cannot replace . That is, think for yourself, take on challenges, and acquire human skills that enable you to take action spontaneously as working adults. This means to broaden  your horizons and develop well-rounded skills in comprehension, judgment, and communication. Hone your human skills and sensibilities, and make connections with people in and outside the company.


Another five years later, by the 15th year of your joining the company, you will likely have grown into mentors for employees younger than you, and possibly even have a home and family of your own. By this time you will also have a good idea of areas in which you excel and set higher goals at work. Now that you are working men and women, it’s part of your responsibility to make a career plan.


The first step to doing this is to base your daily actions on the standards of business behavior set forth in Hitz Value.

• Boldly taking on challenges

• Communicating with sincerity

• Learn widely, think deeply


Last but not least, manage your own health, build your physical strength, and commit to safety first in on-site projects and at works.

I look forward to working with you and seeing you taking on challenges and finding success at work.