Mar 27, 2017

Hitachi Zosen Delivers Land-Mounted Movable Flap-Gate Seawall for MLIT Shikoku Regional Development Bureau

Hitachi Zosen Corporation has delivered its land-mounted flap-gate seawall neo RiSe® for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) Shikoku Regional Development Bureau.

■Project outline
The project fulfills a portion of MLIT Shikoku Regional Development Bureau planned to install seven seawalls in the Toyomasu district of Anan City, Tokushima, for protection against tsunamis and storm surges. Hitachi Zosen, responsible for three locations, produced the neo RiSe® units at its Sakai Works for delivery. In particular, the last unit installed measures 20 meters in width and represents one of the largest land-mounted structures of its kind in Japan.

<Order outline>
1. Client: MLIT Shikoku Regional Development Bureau Nakagawa River Office
2. Project: FY2016 Toyomasu District Land Gate Development Project
       FY2015–16 Toyomasu District Land Gate Development Project, Part 1
3. Model: Land-mounted flap-gate seawall neo RiSe®
4. Quantity: 3 units
5. Measurements: Width 12 m / 15 m / 20 m x Height (all) 3 m
6. Delivery: June 2016 (W 12 m / 15 m), February 2017 (W 20 m)
7. Location: Toyomasu-cho Yoshida jisaki, Anan-shi, Tokushima

photo1-open.JPG      photo2-close.JPG

neo RiSe® W 20 (left: gate open / right: gate closed)


■Track record of neo RiSe®
81 units of neo RiSe® have been adopted as of December 31 (43 installation completed, 38 under construction). Amon of 81 units, 38 was adopted to install in the opening of seawall in ports (As of December 31, the completion of installation were 11). Furthermore, we have delivered many neo RiSe® to install the entrances of buildings as BCP (Business Continuity Plan). We will offer high level of disaster prevention and disaster risk reduction, will contribute to safe and secure society with neo RiSe®.

■About neo RiSe®
An abbreviation of “no energy, no operation, rising seawall,” neo RiSe® presents a new approach to tsunami and storm surge protection marked by closure of gates without external power or manual operation.
Tsunami triggered by earthquakes strike without warning, providing a very short time frame for closing hydraulic gates. This challenge has been resolved with neo RiSe®. The series offers solutions for a broad range of scenarios with products such as neo RiSe-A, designed to blend with building exteriors, and neo RiSe-L, designed for easy extension work in existing facilities.

(1) Gates close automatically in an emergency using the force of nature, without the need for manual operation, realizing both reliability and safety.
(2) Models employ a simplified design, with no drive system or controllers, for enhanced reliability and minimal maintenance.
(3) Auxiliary manually operated systems are available for operational checks and inspection prior to the arrival of a tsunami or storm surge.