Feb 08, 2017

Hitz Disaster Prevention Solution Laboratory Counts 3,000 Visitors

Hitachi Zosen Corporation has celebrated the third anniversary of the opening of Hitz Disaster Prevention Solution Laboratory. The in-house facility that offers tours including evacuation demonstrations using neo RiSe® which is a movable flap gate seawall designed to prevent inundation caused by tsunamis, storm surges, or flooding. To date, tours were performed for customers of Hitachi Zosen as well as the general public in an effort to raise awareness about disaster preparedness. Recently the 3,000th visitor was presented with a commemorative gift.

■3,000th visitor
The 3,000th visitor came on February 2 in a group from Shin-Mutsu-Ogawara Inc. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President Mitsuhiro Usui). Workers of Hitz Disaster Prevention Solution Laboratory congratulated and presented the gift, and received these words from the group’s representative:
“Shin-Mutsu-Ogawara engages in land lot development and sales at the Mutsu-Ogawara Industrial Park, in the village of Rokkasho, in Aomori Prefecture. Damage from the tsunami triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 remains fresh in memory, and we were impressed that neo RiSe® requires no electricity or manual operation. Thank you, Hitachi Zosen, for the tour and the special reception for the 3,000th visitor.”

   photo-3000.jpg     photo-labo.jpg

     Presentation of commemorative gift


        Evacuation demonstration

■Comment from Hitz Disaster Prevention Solution Laboratory
“We are delighted to have the 3,000th visitor and the spread of neo RiSe®. The installation count reached 81 gates (Construction completion 43 / Under construction 38) as of December 31, 2016. We hope to continue promoting the significance of disaster prevention through facility operations to welcome more visitors and developing products that contribute to society. Everyone is welcome to join our tour, even if you have already been here before.”
To date, tours were performed for government agencies, local municipalities, educational institutions, independent administrative institutions, foundations, incorporated associations, construction companies and consultants, general corporations (other than construction companies and consultants), and other groups interested in disaster prevention solutions. Visitors have come from Japan as well as 29 countries and regions around the world including Taiwan, China, the Philippines, the United States, Bangladesh, and Vietnam.

■Outline of Hitz Disaster Prevention Solution Laboratory
1. Name: Hitz Disaster Prevention Solution Laboratory
2. Location: Hitachi Zosen Sakai Works (Nishi-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka)
3. Description: Building H 7.1 m, D 50 m, W 15 m (demonstration area approx. 135 m2)
4. Major equipment: Movable flap gate seawall
    Gates are designed to rise automatically using the buoyancy of tsunami and storm surges to prevent damage from flooding.
    The seawall requires no electricity or manual operation.
   (1) Heavy vehicle-resistant type for plant entrances (H 1.2 m x W 5.0 m)
   (2) Design-oriented type for building entrances (H 1.0 m x W 3.0 m)
   (3) Simple installation type for subway entrances (H 0.5 m x W 2.0 m)
5. Opening: April 2014

■Visitor applications
Hitz Disaster Prevention Solutions Laboratory is open to the general public. Anyone interested is invited to complete an application at the following link.