News Release 2015

Dec 21, 2015
RELEASE Establishment of Ariake Research Laboratory as a Hub of R&D--Introducing Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Technologies at Hitachi Zosen's Core Ariake Works
Dec 15, 2015
RELEASE Completion of Rapid Fiber Filtration System Marimo® Demonstration Tests at Sewage Treatment Plant in China
Dec 02, 2015
RELEASE Development of AQSEV® Sand Filter, Japan's First Self-Cleaning Rapid Pressure Filter for Iron and Manganese Removal
Nov 26, 2015
RELEASE First Order for an Energy-from-Waste Plant for Malaysia Received
Nov 25, 2015
RELEASE Order for Ten Electronically Controlled Marine Diesel Engines Received from CSBC, Taiwan
Nov 24, 2015
RELEASE Delivery of Non-Destructive Radioactive Cesium Screening System for Fukushima Semi-Dried Persimmons--Supporting Food Safety and Contributing to Increased Shipments of the Prefecture Specialty
Nov 19, 2015
RELEASE NAC International, Inc. first succeeded the onsite dry storage of high-level waste in USA
Nov 18, 2015
RELEASE Completion of Large Desalination Plant for Qatar
Nov 04, 2015
RELEASE Miyanosato Woody Biomass Power Generation Plant Completed Started Twenty Year Power Sales Project Using Wood Chips as Fuel
Oct 27, 2015
RELEASE NAC International, Inc. and Doosan Heavy Industries form Technology Alliance on Development of CASK Storage for Spent Nuclear Fuel
Oct 26, 2015
RELEASE Order for the Construction of a Leachate Treatment Facility for the City of Sendai
Oct 26, 2015
RELEASE Order Received for "Septic Tank Sludge Treatment Project in Ho Chi Minh City" Utilizing our methane fermentation processing technology overseas
Oct 21, 2015
RELEASE Investment in Akita Methane Fermentation Biomass-to-Gas Power Generation Project Participation in operations business of biogas power facility
Oct 05, 2015
RELEASE Order for Upgrading of Waste Incinerators for Chigasaki City
Sep 15, 2015
RELEASE Development of Multiproduct Food and Beverage Filling System
Aug 04, 2015
RELEASE Consecutive Orders for Upgrading of Waste Treatment Facilities
Aug 03, 2015
RELEASE Order Received for Energy-from-Waste Facility Development and Operation for Nagano Regional Association
Jul 28, 2015
RELEASE Marine SCR System Awarded Marine Engineering of the Year 2014
Jul 21, 2015
RELEASE Start of Deliberations on Methane Fermentation Facility Construction and Biogas Supply Project in Vientiane, Laos
Jun 30, 2015
RELEASE Completion of Ota Waste Disposal Site Phase 2 Waste Treatment Building
Jun 10, 2015
RELEASE Completion of Reconstruction Work on Sludge Recycling Center for Futaba District Municipal Association--Restoration of Facilities Damaged in the Great East Japan Earthquake
Jun 04, 2015
RELEASE Order for Construction of Wastewater Treatment Facility for Yokohama City
May 27, 2015
RELEASE Received Order for Large-scale Desalination Plant for Qatar
May 26, 2015
RELEASE Awarded an order for Construction of Energy-from-Waste Plant in Changsha City, China
May 25, 2015
RELEASE NAC International and AREVA Partner to Support U.S. Consolidated Interim Used Fuel Storage Facility
May 18, 2015
RELEASE First Delivery of a Hydrogen Production System for Hydrogen Stations Japan's First Matching of Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Storage/Use
May 07, 2015
RELEASE Completion of Omonogawa Wind Power Station ~Start of 20-year Wind Power Business in Akita Prefecture~
Apr 28, 2015
RELEASE Shipping Largest Factory-Assembled Contaminated Water Storage Tanks for Fukushima Daiichi NPS
Apr 13, 2015
RELEASE Completion of an Energy-from-Waste Plant for Shanghai, China
Apr 10, 2015
RELEASE Acquisition of Shares of Nippon Pusnes Co., Ltd - Strengthening Group Management and Promoting the Marine Components Business -
Apr 02, 2015
RELEASE Completion of Fujisan Eco Park Incineration Center and Start of 20-year Operation and Maintenance for Gotemba-Oyama Regional Administrative Association
Mar 31, 2015
RELEASE Transfer of Electric Discharge Impulse Crushing Operations--Services by Nichizo Tech from FY2015
Mar 30, 2015
RELEASE Order for Construction and Operation of Yatsushiro Environment Center
Mar 25, 2015
RELEASE Order for Construction of Yokosuka Waste Treatment Center
Mar 23, 2015
RELEASE Completion of Murakami City Waste Treatment Center and Start of Operations
Mar 10, 2015
RELEASE Technical Collaboration with IDEOL SA for Floating Offshore Wind Power Generation
Feb 25, 2015
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Inova Establishes Australian Subsidiary
Feb 23, 2015
RELEASE Order for Development of Screening System for Shiitake Mushroom Logs in Fukushima Prefecture--Ensuring Food Safety and Supporting Post-Disaster Reconstruction
Feb 23, 2015
RELEASE Completion of Sludge Recycling Center for Eastern Clean Centers Association
Feb 19, 2015
RELEASE Order for Upgrading and Operation of Orii Waste Incineration Plant
Feb 18, 2015
RELEASE Participation in Energy-from-Waste Project for Paris, France
Feb 06, 2015
RELEASE Ten-Company Consortium Awarded Bid to Develop Wind Farm Project in Niigata
Feb 02, 2015
RELEASE Completion of Fuel Conversion Project at Ibaraki Works (No. 2 Power Generator)
Jan 29, 2015
RELEASE Completion of Energy-from-Waste Plants in Finland and Spain
Jan 28, 2015
RELEASE Completion of Demonstration Plant for Producing Bioethanol from Paper and Food Waste in Public-Private-Academia Partnership
Jan 26, 2015
RELEASE Optimal Response Control High-Efficiency Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction System NeoSNCR® Wins Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Director's Award at 35th Energy-Efficient Machinery Awards
Jan 20, 2015
RELEASE Entry into Retail Electricity Market with Power Produced from Renewable Energy
Jan 15, 2015
RELEASE VTEX Corporation Establishes US Subsidiary for the Vacuum Valve Business
Jan 14, 2015
RELEASE Utilizing a Self-steering Robotic Tractor in the Developmental Phases of Rice --Feasibility Study on Using Quasi-Zenith Satellite System for Precision Farming in Australia--
Jan 13, 2015
RELEASE Acquisition of HNP Kraftwerkstechnik (Germany) ~ Hitachi Zosen Inova Expands Service Business ~
Jan 05, 2015
RELEASE Merger between Two Subsidiaries Operating Energy-from-Waste Plants--Establishment of Hitz Environment Service Co., Ltd. (Provisional)
Jan 05, 2015
RELEASE 2015 New Year Address from the Chairman (Draft)