News Release 2013

Dec 25, 2013
RELEASE Establishment and Start of Operations of Shanghai Subsidiary
Dec 10, 2013
RELEASE Development of Combustion Sensing Monitor System in Energy-from-Waste Facilities
Nov 28, 2013
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Inova to begin construction of new Severnside Energy Recovery Centre for SITA UK
Nov 27, 2013
RELEASE Investment in Facilities at Hitachi Zosen Corporation's Ibaraki Works
Nov 27, 2013
RELEASE Implementing Woody Biomass Power Generation Project in Hitachiota City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Nov 11, 2013
RELEASE Official start of environmental contribution project - "Osaka Hikari-no-Mori Project" - on Yumeshima, Osaka
Oct 29, 2013
RELEASE Autonomous Farm Machine Guidance System Wins Minister of State for Special Missions (Space Policy) Prize in Japan Cabinet Office's 2013 Space Development and Utilization Awards
Oct 09, 2013
RELEASE Order for Upgrading and Operation of Key Facilities at Kurashiki City Mizushima Waste Incineration Plant
Oct 08, 2013
RELEASE Renaming and Relocation of Vietnam Subsidiary - Expanding Its Function as a Business Hub in Southeast Asia -
Oct 03, 2013
RELEASE Delivery of Japan's First MAN B&W G-type Electronically Controlled Marine Diesel Engine
Oct 02, 2013
RELEASE Establishment and Start of Operations of Myanmar Subsidiary
Sep 26, 2013
RELEASE Order for Two Sluice Gates for the Kingdom of Thailand
Sep 19, 2013
RELEASE Contribution to Disaster Recovery--Order for Construction of Ofunato Bay Mouth Area Breakwater Opening (Disaster Restoration) from MLIT Tohoku Regional Bureau
Sep 12, 2013
RELEASE Demonstration Project to Recover Phosphorus from Swine Manure Compost ―Promoting Eco-agriculture (Environmental Conservation in Primary Industries) and Creating a Resource Recycling Business Model--
Sep 11, 2013
RELEASE Order for Construction of Municipal Energy-from-Waste Plant in the United Kingdom
Sep 10, 2013
RELEASE Completion of Large-scale Photovoltaic (Mega Solar) Power Plant
Sep 09, 2013
RELEASE Bridge Foundation for Urban Areas Obtains Construction Technology Review and Certification
Aug 05, 2013
RELEASE Order for 2013 Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) Demonstration Project Organic Waste Methane Fermentation and Cogeneration at Wholesale Market in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Jul 30, 2013
RELEASE Start of Mass Production Tests for Zeolite Membrane Element
Jul 23, 2013
RELEASE Order for Shield Tunneling Machines for Singapore
Jul 18, 2013
RELEASE Order for 2013 Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) Feasibility Study (Introduction of Solar-Diesel hybrid system to stabilise solar power Generation in Myanmar and Indonesia)
Jul 10, 2013
RELEASE Completion of Process Equipment and Water Treatment Facility Manufacturing Factory in Dalian, China
Jul 10, 2013
RELEASE Capital Investment by Joint Venture Company in India for Process Equipment Business
Jul 04, 2013
RELEASE Orders for Major Upgrade and Operation, Maintenance, and anagement of Two Urban Waste Incineration Facilities
Jun 12, 2013
RELEASE Order for Fukushima Specialties Relaunch Support Program (Resumption of Semi-dried Persimmon Production)
May 22, 2013
RELEASE Construction of Large-scale Photovoltaic (Mega Solar) Power Plants
May 09, 2013
RELEASE Order for Construction of Energy-from-Waste Plant for Poland: Hitachi Zosen's First Order in Poland, Poland's First PPP Deal in Municipal Waste Management
Apr 25, 2013
RELEASE The Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority and Hitachi Zosen Corporation have provisionally agreed to undertake a potential project to construct, install and analyze a seawater reverse osmosis pilot plant using a high-speed seabed infiltration system
Apr 18, 2013
RELEASE Tests of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Mid-grade Waste Heat Recovery Power Generation Plant
Apr 17, 2013
RELEASE Tests of Solar Thermal Power Generation Demonstration Plant in Saudi Arabia
Apr 11, 2013
RELEASE Order for Slurry Ice Plant for Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture
Apr 04, 2013
RELEASE Completion of Slurry Ice Plant for Kitadaito Village, Okinawa
Apr 03, 2013
RELEASE Order for Construction, Maintenance, and Operation of Fujimino-Miyoshi Environment Center (Provisional Titled)
Apr 01, 2013
RELEASE Completion of Naka-Kita Sorachi "Eneclean" Waste Incineration Plant and Start of Contract Operation Services
Mar 28, 2013
RELEASE Completion of Recycling Center for Ichinomiya City, Aichi, and Start of Contract Operation Services
Mar 27, 2013
RELEASE Completion of Hear Recovery and Recycling Facility for Nishi-Harima Environment Association
Mar 25, 2013
RELEASE Completion of Energy-from-Waste Plant in Haikou City for China Power International New Energy Hainan Co., Ltd.
Mar 21, 2013
RELEASE Completion of Vacuum Valve Manufacturing Factory in South Korea
Mar 18, 2013
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Announces Completion of Acquisition of NAC International Inc.
Feb 28, 2013
RELEASE Completion of the Clean Center Construction Works for Hadanoshi-Iseharashi Environment and Hygiene Cooperative
Feb 27, 2013
RELEASE Notice Regarding the Change to the Position of Representative Director (Alternation of President, etc.)
Feb 19, 2013
RELEASE Energy-from-waste plants completed at Hinwil and Vaasa
Feb 08, 2013
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen to perform major upgrade of Energy-from-waste plant at Kameoka
Jan 28, 2013
RELEASE Mass production technology for vertically aligned carbon nanotubes
Jan 25, 2013
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen to Acquire NAC International Inc.
Jan 17, 2013
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen to build major desalination plant in Qatar - First project undertaken in Qatar -
Jan 07, 2013
RELEASE Establishment of the Technical Research Association for Development of Electrolytic Ballast Water Management System