News Release 2012

Dec 27, 2012
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen to perform major structural enhancements at Nagayasuguchi Dam
Dec 26, 2012
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen awarded three management contracts for Energy-from-Waste plant and power generation facilities
Dec 25, 2012
RELEASE Completion of world's largest shield tunneling machine 17.45 m diameter machine to be used in Seattle
Dec 12, 2012
RELEASE Renovation of Tsunami-damaged Farmland
Nov 28, 2012
RELEASE Joint Development of Electrolysis type Ballast Water Management System
Nov 26, 2012
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen to build and operate the Tsuyama Clean Center on behalf of the Tsuyama Regional Association of Resource Recycling Facilities
Nov 19, 2012
RELEASE Completion of fuel conversion project at Ibaraki Works power generator facility
Nov 14, 2012
RELEASE New research project affiliated to Office of Society-Academia Collaboration for Innovation at Kyoto University
Nov 09, 2012
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen to conduct trial of powdered seaweed livestock supplement at Okinoshima-cho as part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Green Decentralization Reform program
Nov 07, 2012
RELEASE Four new contracts for upgrades and renewal work at urban waste incinerator facilities
Nov 02, 2012
RELEASE Cooperation Agreement about the floating type wind power technology
Oct 25, 2012
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen to build replacement energy-from-waste plant at Suginami
Sep 20, 2012
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen to build two electronically-controlled marine diesel engines First MAN B&W G type engines built in Japan
Sep 04, 2012
RELEASE Joint Research on Commercialization and Construction Technology for Offshore Wind Power Generation Plants Regional Promotion Aqua-Wind Commercialization Study Group established by six companies and one association
Aug 09, 2012
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen selected in Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry FY2012 Promotion Study of export of infrastructure-related industries
Aug 08, 2012
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen built the first ME-B electronically controlled marine diesel engine in Japan
Jul 10, 2012
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen to build and operate new energy-from-waste plant at Murakami
Jul 06, 2012
RELEASE Vietnam's first industrial waste power generation plant model project Commences execution ~ The first built by Hitachi Zosen in South Asia ~
Jul 05, 2012
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen won the bid for the conduct extensive upgrade of over 1,000 GEONET base stations
Jul 04, 2012
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen acquires intellectual property rights for electron beam emitter in sterilizer unit
Jun 28, 2012
RELEASE Construction and Operation of Waste Disposal Plant for Clean Association of Hagi-Nagato
Jun 18, 2012
RELEASE Indian subsidiary opens dedicated Energy from Waste branch in Hyderabad
Jun 04, 2012
RELEASE ASUKA HTX-100 belt conveyor radiation screening system
May 22, 2012
RELEASE Precision Machinery Center completed
Apr 24, 2012
RELEASE Toyonaka & Itami Cleanland Recycle Plaza construction and operation contract
Apr 19, 2012
RELEASE New Electronic Control and Instrument Equipment Center for Precision Machinery Business
Apr 19, 2012
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Inova to build new municipal solid energy-from-waste plant at Luzern, Switzerland Second contract this year after Ferrybridge in the United Kingdom
Apr 17, 2012
RELEASE New Seoul branch opens
Apr 16, 2012
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen to build and operate new incinerator facility for Gotemba Oyama Kouiki Gyousei Kumiai (Regional Administrative Association)
Apr 06, 2012
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Inova to build a fifth municipal solid energy-from-waste plant in the United Kingdom
Apr 02, 2012
RELEASE Summary of address by the President to the FY2012 Induction Ceremony
Mar 22, 2012
RELEASE Establishment of Joint Venture Company in China for Process Equipment and Water Treatment Facility
Feb 20, 2012
RELEASE Establishment of Joint Venture Company in India for Process Equipment Business