News Release 2011

Dec 06, 2011
RELEASE First ever marine vessel equipped with Pre-Turbo SCR system achieves compliance with Tier III NOx emission standards Certified by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai
Nov 24, 2011
RELEASE Establishment of Joint Venture in China for Precision Machinery Business
Nov 21, 2011
RELEASE Acquisition of Asia Pacific Solutions Co., Ltd. in Vietnam Hitachi Zosen Fortifies Engineering Capacity in Japan and Overseas Projects
Nov 18, 2011
RELEASE Successive Orders Received for NOx Removal Catalysts in Coal-fired Power Plants in China
Oct 19, 2011
RELEASE Order received for one of the world's largest tunel boring machine 17.45 m diameter machine to be delivered to Seattle
Jul 25, 2011
RELEASE Establishment and Opening of Indian Subsidiary
Jul 04, 2011
RELEASE Municipal Solid Energy-from-Waste Plant to be built in the UK Fourth Installation by Hitachi Zosen Inova in the UK
Jun 28, 2011
RELEASE Electron beam sterilization system for PET bottle beverages
May 23, 2011
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Establishes New Environmental Business Company in US Plans to Accelerate Expansion of Energy-from-Waste Plant Business in Global Market
Apr 21, 2011
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen Tapped for Recycling Center Project
Apr 12, 2011
RELEASE Zeolite-based CO2 separation membrane element Integrated element improves durability and separation performance
Mar 01, 2011
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen to build temporary coffering upstream of Tsuruta Dam
Jan 25, 2011
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen to build stoker type waste incinerator facility at Nanchong City in China
Jan 20, 2011
RELEASE Hitachi Zosen to build stoker type waste incineration plant in Hokkaido