News Release 2010

Dec 15, 2010
RELEASE Commercial Application of Marine Diesel Engines Compliant with Tier III NOx Emission Standards To Be Mounted in Active Vessels from the Coming Fall
Oct 07, 2010
RELEASE Construction of Fukuoka Biohydrogen Project Omuta plant First facility in world producing hydrogen from wood biomass
Sep 14, 2010
RELEASE TBMs to USA, Korea and India (the first TBMs in India)
Aug 20, 2010
RELEASE Completion of Extension Work to Nuclear Power Equipment Factory
May 26, 2010
RELEASE Solid Waste Incineration Plant with Fluidized-bed Gasification Melting Furnace to be built in South Korea Eighth installation in South Korea, 17th non-domestic installation, first non-domestic order for a gasification melting furnace facility
May 20, 2010
RELEASE Development of neoRiSe flap gate type tsunami protection seawall designed for installation on land
Apr 26, 2010
RELEASE Construction of first horizontal heat-transfer tube type multi-effect desalination facility
Apr 23, 2010
RELEASE Construction of Higashiyodo Plant for Osaka City Environment Bureau
Apr 22, 2010
RELEASE Construction of Heat Recovery and Recycling Facility for the Nishi-Harima Environment Association
Apr 21, 2010
RELEASE Construction and Operation of Clean Center in Gifu Yamagata City
Apr 15, 2010
RELEASE Refurbishment of Fujigatani Disposal Center
Apr 13, 2010
RELEASE Slurry ice-making and delivery system at Hachinohe
Apr 07, 2010
RELEASE Construction of a Clean Center at Hadano-Isehara City
Apr 02, 2010
RELEASE Fault-free Operation of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Plant with Power Generation at Chengdu City Four projects awarded in China
Mar 18, 2010
RELEASE Two more shield tunneling machines for Taipei Metro 63rd machine delivered to Taiwan
Mar 01, 2010
RELEASE Construction and delivery of Industrial Waste Incinerator for General Ecology Co., Ltd.