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Hitachi Zosen Business Domains

The Hitachi Zosen Group is leveraging its technological expertise to evolve into a company with the no.1 public recognition in the business domains of Green Energy, Social Infrastructure, and Disaster Prevention.

Green Energy

  • Energy-from-Waste systems
  • Renewable energy
  • Biomass technology
  • Energy systems
  • Environmental purification systems

Harnessing green energy sources like solar and biomass is vital to resolving energy issues. The Hitachi Zosen Group contributes to a sustainable future for society and our planet through alternative energy and environmental conservation technologies such as Energy-from-Waste Facilities.

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Social Infrastructure

  • Environmental preservation systems
  • Power generation facilities
  • Infrastructure
  • Machinery for food and medical industries
  • GPS systems
  • Plants and process equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • FPD and semiconductor production equipment
  • Electronic control systems

The Hitachi Zosen Group has an established track record in public infrastructure projects in Japan and abroad. We help to make society safe and secure by applying advanced technologies in a broad range of fields such as plant and bridge construction, shield tunneling machines, and precision equipment.

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Disaster Prevention

  • GPS Comprehensive Oceanographic Monitoring System (GCOMS)
  • Movable flap-gate type breakwater
  • GPS remote monitoring system
  • High-precision GPS system
  • Bridge maintenance and earthquake protection
  • Marine civil engineering

The Hitachi Zosen Group plays a key role in disaster prevention and mitigation to ensure public safety. Based on our expertise in the river and marine fields, we have developed a new movable flap gate-type breakwater to prevent damage caused by tsunami, and will continue in our pursuit of technology that protects people’s lives.

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New Business and New Fields

  • SCR system for marine engines
  • Offshore wind power generation
  • Hitz Dehydration System HDS® by zeolite membrane element
  • Solar heat power generation system
  • Eco-agriculture systems
  • Vegetable oil-fired biomass power facilities
  • OLED production systems

We pursue technological innovation on a daily basis to conserve the global environment and support people’s lives. Not only do we seek developments in leading fields, but we also strive to curb global warming and promote the effective use of energy and resources, including renewable energy sources.

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