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Electronic Boards and Units

Hitachi Zosen electronic boards are used in road vehicle equipment, railway rolling stock and marine vessels as well as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, machine tools and precision machinery.
As a longstanding supplier of electronic boards to a variety of different industries, Hitachi Zosen has the experience and expertise to design customized electronic boards to client specifications and also provide high-volume production and after-sales services.

Major products

1. Electronic board products

Hitachi Zosen has for many years supplied reliable, high-quality electronic circuit boards designed specifically for industrial applications.

Major element technology

1 bus VME, cPCI, PCI, ISA, PC104
2 CPU 68020/30/40, SH2, SH3, SH4, H8, DSP
3 I/O Digital I/O, analog I/O,motor controller
4 Communication board RS232C, Ethernet, GigaBit/100/10BASE, CAN,Arcnet, IEEE1394, FL-net
5 Remote/O board HDCL, Remote I/O, optical transmission I/O extender
6 Image board Image conversion, image combining, frame grabber, licenser
7 Video board Image compression/extension, resolution conversion, motion detect
8 graphics Superimpose, SXGA
9 Others RAS board, bus bridge
10 Support OS PDOS, VxWorks, ╬╝ItrON, WindowsXP, CE, Linux

2. Image recording devices

(1) High-level recorder

High-level recorders are high-quality digital recorders for moving vehicles designed to operate in combination with a high-resolution progressive scan camera. It can be configured in operating status data logging systems (including audio and video data) as well as operation history, operation management and eco-drive systems. It can also be used as a train recorder or as a drive recorder. This compact and lightweight device features a shock resistant and earthquake resistant structural design and is suitable for remote control and maintenance systems for industrial facilities such as production plants.

(2) Commercial digital video recorder

Commercial digital video recorders are equipped with standard 16-channel camera input, two-channel audio input and long-play recording, and are intended primarily for banks and financial institutions as well as industrial applications. They also support networking to allow remote downloading and playback of video content.

3. Controller: wave endless recorder

The wave endless recorder is an Ethernet-enabled pulse waveform data recorder with prerecord function that notifies the upper-level system when abnormal waveforms are detected in the waveform data.

4. Digital broadcasting equipment

(1) DVB-ASIMPEG2TS input/output PCI & PCI Express Card VS-ASI II/VS-ASI Exp

Using this PCI/PCI Express card, TS (transport stream) signals compliant with the MPEG standards used in broadcasting can be input/output from a DVB-ASI port.
When this card is used, TS signals can be recorded and regenerated using provided input/output control software on Windows-based PCs.
It can be used for various purposes, for example for a system for recording, monitoring, or regenerating TS signals as well as for simultaneous recording equipment.

(2) TS Adopter VSX-TAT/VSX-TAR

This equipment can be used to convert broadcast TS signals into TS signals that can be transmitted by existing transmission channels (DFPU, SNG, IP, etc.) and also used to establish a backup using DFPU of an STL (Studio to Transmitter Link) line in the event of an emergency or disaster. Since the transmission bit rate of broadcast TS can be lowered, the equipment can be used to establish a transit line using a satellite as well.

(3) Multifunctional TS over IPtransmission equipment VSX-IPA

This multifunctional equipment can convert TS (transport stream) signals compliant with the MPEG standards used in broadcasting into the IP format.
It is also equipped with the division transmission and distribution functions. It supports IP transmission by dividing transmission routes and can perform real-time transmission using a general line with a reasonable cost. Packet loss can be prevented by the retransmission of packets.

(4) IP division transmission equipment VSX-IPD

Supports IP transmission via transmission route partitioning (bulk transmission).
IP division transmission is used in cases where a single line does not have sufficient bandwidth for video transmission or where multiple mobile lines (such as WiMAX and LTE) are used to provide the required bandwidth. This equipment can be used to provide the required bandwidth over inexpensive standard lines rather than using a costly dedicated line. The equipment can also be used to secure line band in areas that do not have sufficient infrastructure such as far-off places and isolated islands. It can also be used for partitioning to provide a backup line for the main line.

(5) IP over TS equipment VSX-IPT

The equipment can be used to establish a network using an existing digital FPU in the event of an emergency or disaster. Enables duplex DVB-ASI output of IP packets with MPEG2-TS.

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