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Laser Patterning Equipment

Hitachi Zosen provides laser patterning equipment for various glass substrates such as FPD and solar panels. We have also developed a variety of laser processing systems.

Major products

Laser patterning equipment

The combination of a unique optical design and optimized laser oscillator ensures high-quality patterning with excellent consistency.


  1. Dust control during processing is perfect because of the dust collector, the dust control for optical units and protective glass (cross jet nozzle: one of our Company's patented technologies).
  2. Long focus processing (patent pending) with a focal depth of ±3 mm is realized through our original simple design of optical devices. Neither fine-tuning of devices nor auto-focusing is necessary: our optical units are maintenance-free.
    We can respond to requests ranging from laboratory equipment for research and development to mass-production equipment.
    Equipment is customized to achieve the optimum processing for each sample. We propose, design, and manufacture equipment to your satisfaction.
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