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Methane Fermentation System Hitz Kompogas System

Solid organic waste such as raw garbage, pruned branches and paper is converted via methane fermentation to biomass, a green energy source.
Since 1996, Hitachi Zosen has been utilizing technology from Axpo Kompogas (formerly Buhler), a leading supplier of methane fermentation solutions in Europe. The Hitz Kompogas System is a dry methane fermentation system that uses organic matter (biomass extracted through pre-processing of general combustible waste) to create biogas with approximately 60% methane content. The recovered biogas has a variety of applications such as use in gas engines, high efficiency power generation such as fuel batteries, fuel for automobiles, and city gas supplies.

Pilot plant in Kyoto


The system uses a combustible waste pre-processor to collect biomass material that can be converted into energy. It does not require any modifications to the existing waste collection setup.
Key features of the Hitz Kompogas System are listed below.

  1. Converts raw garbage into biomass and fermentation residue into compost simultaneously.
  2. Accredited by the Japan Waste Management Association in 2001 as a waste methane fermentation system in line with technical inspection and verification procedures.
  3. Biomass-derived biogas represents a renewable energy source that reduces CO2 emissions.


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