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New Business and New Fields

SCR system for marine engines

Drawing on its expertise in NOx removal catalysts in industrial plants, we have completed the world's first selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system for marine diesel engines that complies with Tier III NOx emission standards.

Offshore wind power generation

We have established a joint study group for construction technology and the commercialization of Offshore wind power generation plants, and are actively engaged in the commercialization of large-scale Offshore wind power generation.

Hitz Dehydration System HDS® by zeolite membrane element

We have developed a system for extracting high-purity dehydrated ethanol from moisture ethanol, using our proprietary zeolite membrane. The system is at least 20% more energy efficient than distillation and absorption methods.

Solar heat power generation system

A trial is conducted of a new type of solar-powered desalination system that uses solar heat power generation technology from November 2012 to October 2013 in Saudi Arabia.

Eco-agriculture systems

We are expanding into environmental preservation support in the agriculture, forestry, and marine industries. We are developing solutions to convert biomass into fertilizer in remote islands and regions, extract usable resources from livestock waste, and turn seaweed into livestock feed.

Vegetable oil-fired biomass power facilities

We promote the conversion of waste household oil and vegetable oil directly into industrial diesel engines. This approach reduces both initial investment and ongoing production costs associated with the production of biodiesel fuel.

OLED production systems

We offer OLED production systems with a plane evaporation source adopting the multi-aperture method for high productivity and material yield. We provide various types of equipment, from small to large machines.