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Environmental preservation systems

We provide a comprehensive range of services, from construction to operation to management, for Energy-from-Waste plants and recycling plants. We have a strong track record also in sludge treatment, and sewage and water treatment technology.

Plants and process equipment

We are equipped to provide a comprehensive range of services from plant design to construction. We have some of the world's best production facilities for chromium molybdenum steel equipment.

Power generation facilities

We supply not only power generation systems that run on gas engines, gas turbines, and diesel engines but also those that use renewable energy, such as wind power generators and facilities that use vegetable oil for fuel.

Industrial machinery

We have an extensive track record in Japan and abroad for industrial machinery, based in an integrated approach encompassing all stages from design and manufacturing to after-sales services for marine diesel engines and medium to ultra-large press machines for the automotive industry.


We engage in a broad range of social infrastructure projects including bridges, shield tunneling machines, hydraulic gates, and marine civil engineering.
And, we offer technology for infrastructure maintenance, earthquake protection, and electric discharge impulse crushing systems.

FPD and semiconductor production equipment

We boast an extensive range of laser patterning equipment, polishing machines, panel conveyance and handling systems, and vacuum equipment for FPD, semiconductors, and solar cells.

Food and medical machinery

We supply machinery for filling food, drink, and chemical products; comprehensive systems for the manufacturing, filling, sterilizing, and sealing of transfusion bags; and equipment for the removal of foreign substances from food.

Electronic control systems

We develop image recording systems to ensure safety and security in food production lines. We have a track record in digital broadcasting transmitters and plant control systems in the field of electronic devices and controllers.

GPS systems

We contribute to disaster prevention and mitigation by supplying GPS technology for wave and tsunami meters that measure wave, tide, and tsunami height, and for electronic datum point networks that monitor tectonic movement with an accuracy of millimeters.