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Business domain 1 Green Energy

Energy-from-Waste systems

We have one of the strongest track records worldwide in the construction of Energy-from-Waste plants, which produce electricity with heat recovered from refuse incineration.

Renewable energy

We contribute to a low carbon society by supplying wind power generators, laser patterning equipment, vacuum equipument, conveyance systems and optical film and sheet molding systems for solar panels.

Biomass technology

We develop technology for transforming biomass into energy sources like bioethanol and methane, such as converting sewage sludge into solid fuel.

Energy systems

Distributed generation is an effective means of constructing a smart grid-based society. We supply cogeneration systems, heat recovery power generation facilities, and fuel cells.

Environmental purification systems

We help to protect the global environment by developing NOx removal catalysts, applying its expertise in plant construction to marine diesel engines, and supplying water treatment technology for sewage and tap water treatment facilities.