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GPS Comprehensive Oceanographic Monitoring System (GCOMS)

We incorporate GPS technology in a wave and tsunami meters for measuring wave and tsunami height and tidal movement. This is the world's first wave meter capable of observing offshore tsunami in real time.

Movable flap-gate type breakwater

We are engaged in the development of a Movable flap-gate type breakwater to prevent damage caused by tides and tsunami. As the structure takes advantage of the force of nature, it offers a low-cost solution for protection from flooding.

GPS remote monitoring system

We have built an electronic datum point network employing GPS to monitor tectonic movement with millimeter-level precision. We supply a GPS continuous observation system that tracks shifts in the Earth's bedrock and crust as well as in structures like roads and bridges.

High-precision GPS system

We offer a GPS receiver that can measure positions anywhere in Japan with an accuracy of 1–2 centimeters. Applications range broadly from construction management to environmental surveys, to distribution, to transport.

Bridge maintenance and earthquake protection

We boast extensive experience in the dynamic response analysis of bridges to seismic activity. Applications of our GPS technology have commenced in disaster prevention systems such as communication services in times of emergency.

Marine civil engineering

We not only supply caissons and steel plate cells for bank protection but also engage in the development of a new type of caisson that promotes seawater exchange using the energy of waves to restore and preserve coastal environments.