Sep 28, 2017

Hitachi Zosen Releases Imaging Foreign Substance Separation Equipment for Cut Vegetables--Imaging System for Foods with a Moisture Content

Hitachi Zosen Corporation is set to release Imaging foreign substance separation equipment designed for cut vegetables.

■Development background
With the increase in single-person and double-income households in recent years, Japan is seeing a rising need for single-serve food products that are quick and easy to prepare. Cut vegetables are particularly in high demand from retailers, but many processing companies rely on visual inspection to identify and remove foreign substances such as insects and fragments of thread from massive amounts of cut vegetables. These suppliers are also required to implement ever higher levels of hygiene management, as Japanese consumers are sensitive about food safety and security, and keep an especially sharp eye on contaminants.

■Product features
Hitachi Zosen’s new Imaging foreign substance separation equipment features improved conveyor technology, enhanced washability, and higher detection speed and accuracy, making it possible to separate contaminants from cut vegetables and similar foods with a moisture content—materials that were hitherto considered difficult to handle. The compact design enables introduction as an add-on to existing lines. By automating the sorting process that currently relies on human eyes, the system contributes to labor and energy savings.

1.Improved conveyor technology
The improved conveyor belt arranges pieces of cut vegetable evenly and resists adhesion of the materials to the belt.

2.Enhanced washability
Structural enhancements enable washing of the entire set of equipment. Parts that come in contact with cut vegetables are easy to remove, allowing maintenance of thorough cleanliness.

3.Higher detection speed and accuracy
Color imaging employs line-scan cameras to inspect cut vegetables from both above and below. Contaminants are detected at high speed and with high accuracy, and removed precisely with an air gun.

<Major specifications for reference>
1. Target materials: Cut vegetables
2. Processing capacity: Chopped cabbage 1,000 kg/h, chopped lettuce 800 kg/h
(Figures are approximate and may vary depending on conditions.)
3. Inspection width: 400 mm
4. Detection method: Imaging (color imaging with line-scan cameras from above and below)
5. Removal method: Air gun
6. External measurements: L 1,350 mm x D 1,150 mm x H 1,800 mm
7. Manufacturing site: Hitachi Zosen Mukaishima Works















 Imaging Foreign substance separation equipment for cut vegetables










 Example of contaminant detection


■Food sorter testing
Hitachi Zosen Mukaishima Works conducts food-sorting tests using imaging and mechanical demonstration equipment.
Prospective customers are invited to send materials that require testing for recommendations on optimal equipment and specifications.
1. Testing location: Hitachi Zosen Mukaishima Works (14755 Mukaihigashi-cho, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima)
2. Inquiries: Electronic Control Sales Department, Electronic Control Business Unit, Machinery Business Headquarters