Jul 11, 2017

Kewaunee Power Station Dry Fuel Storage Campaign Sets New Records Using NAC's MAGNASTOR® Systems

NORCROSS, GA — NAC International Inc. (NAC),a Hitachi Zosen Corporation Group company,is pleased to announce the safe and successful completion of the Kewaunee Power Station (KPS) dry fuel storage campaign. Placement of the 24th and final MAGNASTOR® dry fuel storage system on the Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) pad at Kewaunee occurred on June 15, 2017. This project was completed approximately four years after the station, owned by Dominion Energy Kewaunee (DEK), was permanently closed and 3.5 years after contract execution – an impressive new benchmark for the complete transfer of all spent fuel to dry storage after shutdown.

The turnkey project was awarded in December of 2013 and included site engineering, an ISFSI expansion, 24 MAGNASTOR systems, pool to pad (PtP) equipment and loading services. It was a key element of DEK’s strategy of achieving an accelerated transition to Phase 3 SAFSTOR decommissioning status. SAFSTOR is a Nuclear Regulatory Commission option allows up to 60 years for completion of decommissioning activities a site.

Key information about the project:
・All remaining spent fuel – 887 assemblies – packaged into 24 MAGNASTOR casks
・A licensed regional loading pattern allowed spent fuel with cool times as low as 2.5 years to be loaded on an accelerated schedule
・PtP loading services were completed in 23 weeks, with planned five-day work weeks
・Industry best loading durations averaging 3.2 days per cask system
・Exceptional ALARA performance with total operational doses (combined gamma and neutron) of ~ 136 mR per MAGNASTOR system loaded
・ZERO OSHA recordable events with nearly 100,000 on-site work hours
・24 MAGNASTOR systems and 14 legacy NUHOMS® systems represent the complete spent fuel inventory from almost 40 years of power generation at KPS

“The safe completion of this project demonstrates the MAGNASTOR system’s capabilities to enable prompt defueling, record-setting loading durations and low operational dose performance, which can be achieved with a strong project team, high standards of performance, and excellent partnership with your customer. The successful result at KPS is due in large measure to the unwavering support we received from the Kewaunee site personnel who maintained an environment of professionalism and teamwork from the start,” said Kent Cole, NAC President and CEO.

NAC continues to set new standards in dry storage decommissioning performance. NAC’s cask systems are the preferred technology at decommissioning defueling campaigns including the largest prior decommissioning spent nuclear fuel dry storage campaign at Zion in Illinois, where 61 systems were loaded within a 52-week record-setting schedule.


24 MAGNASTOR Systems on the ISFSI Pad