Mar 03, 2017

Announcement of Change in Representative Directors

Hitachi Zosen Corporation has announced the following change in representative directors made by resolution at the Board of Directors’ meeting on March 3, 2017.

1. Purpose of changes
To strengthen and enhance the Hitachi Zosen Group management and governance structure toward achieving the targets of the new medium-term management plan starting on April 1, 2017.

2. Content of changes (effective April 1, 2017)

New Position


Current Position

 Representative Director
 Chairman & President

Takashi Tanisho

 Representative Director
 President & CEO

 Representative Director
 Executive Vice-President
 President‘s Assistant, responsible for
 Production Engineering Department 
 and Wind Power Business Promotion
 Office and Functional Materials 
 Business Promotion Office

Sadao Mino

 Managing Director
 General Manager of Environment
 Business Headquarters, responsible
 for Architect Supervision Dept. and
 Quality Assurance Department.

 Senior Corporate Adviser Director

Minoru Furukawa

 Representative Director