Feb 23, 2017

Hitachi Zosen Ships First Amazake Filling System Equipped with New Nozzle

Hitachi Zosen Corporation is set to ship its first amazake filling system equipped with the new magnet-driven shutter nozzle developed last year. The shipment is destined for a Japanese sake brewer.

The filling system is designed for amazake, a sweet variety of sake that enjoys popularity today as a health and beauty product that is even known as a “drinkable IV.” Amazake is a viscous drink containing koji mold and other solid particles. The filling process was a challenge, as the solid particles clogged up the nozzle, and the product foamed and dripped during filling. Compared with purely liquid products, productivity also declined due to time-consuming washing of the nozzles and the need for frequent switching of the packing. The magnet-driven shutter nozzle developed by Hitachi Zosen is verified to resolve these challenges and improve productivity, leading to installation in the amazake filling system.

<Outline of filling system>
1. Product delivered: Filling system (filler, capper) x 1 unit
2. Items produced: Amazake
3. Containers: Glass bottles (4 types, 300 ml–720 ml)
4. Caps: Resin hinge cap, screw cap
5. Maximum capacity: 110 BPM
6. Filling nozzle: Magnet-driven shutter nozzle
7. Filling control: Electric pinch valve control, weight filler
8. Filler unit conveyance: Multi-handling system


 Amazake filling system (provisional)

■Features of magnet-driven shutter nozzle
1. Proprietary construction
Uniquely designed nozzle piston adjusts the flow rate, minimizing clogging by solid particles and foaming of the product.

2. Enhanced production capacity
Solution 1 above also realizes compatibility with all types of liquid, eliminating the need to switch nozzles during multi-item production
and enhancing productivity.
3. Improved washability
Magnet drive reduces clogging compared with conventional nozzles employing packing, improving washability for hygienic filling.


pic2669amazake2.jpg pic2669amazake3.jpg
Magnet-driven shutter nozzle  Construction of magnet-driven shutter nozzle

 Hitachi Zosen boasts a track record of delivering more than 280 filling and packaging systems in the food, beverage, and medical fields where high reliability is of crucial importance. Also a supplier of systems for fermented products such as soy sauce and sake, the company hopes to contribute to safety, security, and growth in the traditional Japanese food industry.