Feb 10, 2017

Hitachi Zosen's Panel Boiler-type Waste Heat Recovery and Power Generation System for Small Waste Incineration Plant Wins JMF President's Award at 37th Energy-efficient Machinery Awards

Osaka, Japan, February 10, 2017—Hitachi Zosen Corporation (TYO:7004) has announced that Hitachi Zosen Corporation has won a JMF President’s Award at the 37th Energy-efficient Machinery Awards, organized by the Japan Machinery Foundation (JMF), for its panel boiler-type waste heat recovery and power generation system for small waste incineration plant. The company last won an Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Director’s Award at the 35th event, in FY2014, for its optimal response control high-efficiency selective non-catalytic reduction system NeoSNCR.

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the 37th Energy-efficient Machinery Awards

■About Hitachi Zosen’s panel boiler-type waste heat recovery and power generation system for small waste incineration plant
1. Development
Efforts in Japan to mitigate global warming require higher levels of energy recovery from waste incineration plant. Existing small-scale plant, however, are not always equipped with a power generation system, and installation poses the challenges of retrofitting costs and complex maintenance procedures. Hitachi Zosen narrowed its focus to one key component of the power generation system-the boiler-and undertook development with the aim of reducing retrofitting costs and simplifying maintenance procedures.

2. Features
Installing a power generation system in waste incineration plant requires the cooling equipment in the upper portion of the incinerator to be retrofitted with heat recovery equipment. Unlike conventional boilers with a complex structure, the system developed by Hitachi Zosen consists of four panels that need only to be assembled to complete the boiler. The simple structure with few attachments helps to reduce assembly and construction costs, and also simplifies maintenance and operation after installation.

3. Effects
By changing from cooling equipment in the gas cooling chamber to heat recovery equipment in the panel boiler, a waste incineration facility with a processing capacity of 90 tons per day can expect heat recovery efficiency from flue gas to improve more than double, and power consumption during operation to drop by an annual 1,440 megawatt-hours. The latter is equivalent to a reduction in annual power consumption by 400 households and in annual carbon emissions of 500 tons.


■On winning the award
Hitachi Zosen is honored to have been selected as a recipient of the JMF President’s Award. The panel boiler-type waste heat recovery and power generation system for small waste incineration plant was developed to improve heat recovery efficiency and reduce power consumption and carbon emissions at waste incineration plant not equipped with a power generation system. Because it also reduces running costs, the system is an investment easy to collect and can potentially resolve challenges and contribute to better facility operation for municipalities.
Hitachi Zosen hopes to take the opportunity provided by the award to further its efforts in the development of industry and protection of the global environment.

■About the Energy-efficient Machinery Awards
The Energy-efficient Machinery Awards are presented to companies and groups of companies deemed to contribute to the promotion of efficient use of energy through the development and commercialization of excellent industrial energy-saving machines. Organized by the Japan Machinery Foundation annually since FY1980, the event selects particularly excellent energy-saving machines for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) Minister’s Award, the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Director’s Award, and the JMF President’s Award.