Message from Management

M Furukawa
Minoru Furukawa

Looking at the global economy, although the European economy remains stagnant, the US and Chinese economies are showing upward momentum. In Japan, the effects of "Abenomics" have resulted in weakening of the yen and higher stock prices, inspiring hope for the future.

Since fiscal 2011, we have had our sights set on achieving sales of ¥400 billion and operating margin of 5.7% and becoming a high earning company with a strong social presence based on our long-term "Hitz 2016 Vision." We are currently in the final year of our medium-term management plan, "Hitz Vision," which covers the three-year period of foundation building for the long-term vision.

We will continue to earnestly engage Technology development of our business domains of Environment/Green energy, Social Infrastructure and Disaster Prevention.

To continue being a trusted company that can contribute to society, we will make active efforts to ensure compliance and improve internal control functions.

I thank our shareholders and investors for your continued support and encouragement.