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Natural Energy

2. Converting sunlight into power

Converting sunlight into power

Solar power generators help to combat global warming

Solar power, along with other natural energy sources such as wind, geothermal and biomass, does not generate CO2 emissions linked to global warming. Governments around the world are promoting the adoption of solar power and the industry is expected to enjoy considerable growth in the future.

The evolution of solar panels from glass substrate to plastic film

Solar panel substrates are currently made from silicon and glass, but in the future we can expect to see panels based on plastic film substrates designed for use as supplementary power supplies for compact mobile devices and indoor appliances.
Plastic film solar cells are thin and light and can even be folded up. This versatility opens up a vast range of possibilities for solar power systems.
Hitachi Zosen has developed the following products designed to capitalize on the shift towards next-generation plastic film solar panels.

  1. Functional film molding equipment used for extrusion molding of high-performance plastics
  2. Roll-to-roll continuous membrane formation equipment for applying functional membrane to film in a continuous process
  3. Laser processing equipment for removing unwanted sections of functional membrane