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Takashi Tanisho
Chairman & President

Thank you for your patronage. I would like to offer a few words to mark the start of FY2017.

FY2016 brought to a close our long-term Hitz 2016 Vision, in which we aimed to be a highly profitable company with public recognition through the targets of 400 billion yen in net sales and 5.7% in operating margin. FY2017 sees the start of our new long-term vision up to 2030, the 150th anniversary of Hitachi Zosen’s founding, as well as our new medium-term management plan covering the period from FY2017 to FY2019.

Hitachi Zosen operates in the two business domains of Environment/Green Energy and Social Infrastructure & Disaster Prevention. In the field of Environment/Green Energy, we offer Energy-from-Waste, wind farm, and solar power technologies in markets across the globe, implementing a world number one strategy, with a focus on Asia and Europe, particularly in Energy-from-Waste solutions. In the field of Social Infrastructure & Disaster Prevention, we seek to contribute to the safety and security of society through desalination projects that resolve the problem of water shortages in regions around the world, upgrading and maintenance of aging infrastructures, and providing products such as GPS wave meters and flap gate seawalls that prevent loss of life from tsunami. With the expansion of our business domains, we plan to reinforce our bases outside Japan and accelerate efforts in M&A.

“We create value useful to society with technology and sincerity to contribute to a prosperous future”—under this corporate philosophy, we at the Hitachi Zosen Group will continue taking on challenges in reform toward fortifying our technologies, displaying our strengths as a group, and growing into a highly profitable company with public recognition. We look forward to your continued support as we work for the enrichment of the employee job satisfaction, the improvement of customer satisfaction, and the enhancement of shareholder satisfaction.